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Did you know that all 3 to 4-year-olds in England can get free early education or childcare for up to 15 hours a week. 


Some 2-year-olds are also eligible, if their parents or carers receive certain benefits.

2-year-olds of working parents will receive 15 hours free childcare from April 2024.


In some cases where both parents are working, you may be able to get up to 30 hours free childcare for 3 to 4 year olds.


Please check your eligibility on Childcare Choices website. 


All Saints Pre-school offer a maximum of 21 hours per week, however, if you are entitled to more you can split your time between settings and/or childminders. 


If you want to know more pop in to see us and we'll be happy to talk you through how everything works. 


Eatwell Guide

With so much information out there eating healthy can be confusing, to find out about the UK eatwell guide take a quick look at this video for some great advice. 

Brushing your childrens teeth

Sometimes children don't like having their teeth brushed, but it's a necessity to start brushing as soon as the first tooth comes through for healthy teeth and gums.  Try to make it fun and you'll get their in the end.

Lets all sing!

We've found that our children love singing and nursery rhymes are a fun and easy way for everyone to feel involved, why not watch this video together with your little one and see what fun you have!

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